Bill Dolde

Recruited to help run the growing business after 10 years in sports injury medical field. Is a graduate of ITT Technical Institute and has an eye for mechanical operations as well as customer service. Supervising the field technicians – and knowing that customer service continues with the technician’s service. From beginning to end, we strive […]

Denae Jacobs-Dolde

Is a graduate of The University of South Florida. While considering her career options, she started working in the office after graduation on a temporary, part-time basis…and never left. Coming to know and love the industry, making customer service a priority, has made our customers secure in knowing they are always number one. Giving confidence […]

Todd Jacobs

Is a graduate of The University of Florida with a degree in Business Management. At age 11, he was working in the shop and continued working summers throughout high school and college. After graduation, he became a service technician and systems installer for several years to gain the experience necessary to learn this industry. He […]

Don Jacobs

At the age off 22, he dedicated his life to fire safety and became a fireman. Shortly after, he partnered up with the Assistant Fire Chief and opened his first fire equipment company. He relocated his family to Naples in 1982, bought Naples Fire Equipment, which has since evolved into ABC Fire Equipment. With his […]