Fire Extinguishers

Annual Fire Extinguisher Service

ABC Fire Equipment Corp. is committed to being the most reliable and dependable fire equipment service company in Southwest Florida.

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We service:

  • Restaurants
  • Small Business
  • Large Companies
  • Storage Facilities
  • Management Properties
  • Medical Offices
  • School Districts
  • Sports Venues
  • ..and many more!

Inspection Checklist in Accordance with NFPA 10

  • Inspection of cylinder for physical damage or tampering
  • Check gauge for correct cylinder pressure
  • Inspection of nozzle, valve and hose assemblies
  • Check for broken or missing seals and pull rings
  • Note all hydrostatic test and 6-year dates
  • Record of all necessary corrective actions

Annual Service

Annual service is intended to give maximum assurance that the extinguisher will operate safely and effectively. It includes all topics covered in our inspection, and any necessary repair, replacement and/or testing. A tag is securely fastened identifying the service technician having performed the service. Request Your Free Quote

6 Year Service

Stored pressure extinguishers must be emptied and put through a full internal inspection and appropriate maintenance procedures, every six years from the manufacture date. Including a thorough examination of all mechanical parts, extinguishing agent and expellant. A label marking the 6 year inspection is placed on the extinguisher.
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Hydrostastic Testing

Periodic test mandated by NFPA requiring highly specialized test equipment to ensure the integrity of an extinguisher or cylinder at its listed operating pressure. Dry chemical, Halon and other clean agent extinguishers are to be hydro tested at 12 year intervals. High-pressure carbon dioxide extinguishers are to be tested at 5 year intervals. Once these extinguisher have gone through the 12 year hydro testing a special label is placed on the extinguisher showing the year of the test.

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